About us

Luxcoats came about when founder Nickitar made suits and coats people would often complement. Whether at a store, restaurant, on the street or at the airport, however, not giving it much thought then. It was not until she got tired of refreshing job sites, setting alarms to send out resumes because you can only check back so many times, editing cover letters and glaring at her computer screen hoping for an opportunity that she decided to create one of her own. 

The intent was to create upscale womens' suits, coats and the occasional dress with a point of difference, pieces aimed at ensuring a commanding experience for the self assured, fashion savvy woman with a sense of individuality. 

Passionate about impeccable sense of style and wanting that reflected in their clothing, sisters Nickitar and Phinaline strive to create standout, masterful pieces with each collection guaranteed to have you ahead of the pack.